I'm a queer furry artist! If you'd like to commission me, please take a look at my pricing information and artwork examples, then contact me on Telegram or Instagram! Check out my Patreon while you're here!
PayPal payments only!

Terms of Service

General Terms of Service:
- I have the right to refuse a commission for ANY reason.
- In order to commission me, you MUST be 18+ or have someone 18+ assist you. I cannot do business with minors.
- Please allow at least one month for an art commission to be completed once it is started. You are welcome to ask for updates, but please keep in mind that this is not my only job.
- My artwork may not be used for NFTs, any other form of cryptocurrency, AI training. I will no longer do business with you if I find out you have broken this term.
- I have the right to reuse any rejected sketches, adjust lines, or reuse patterns for future commissions/projects.
- I take payment up front in full for all digital and/or physical art commissions.
- All fursuit commissions above $500 may be paid in increments, but a non-refundable down payment of 30% must be paid in order for the commission to be started. After the initial payment, the buyer is responsible for paying at least $200 monthly. Failure to pay on time will result in a stackable $50 fine.
- Once a commission is started, I cannot and will not issue a full refund. Circumstances vary and partial refund may be negotiable.
- Except in the case of printed badges, shipping in not calculated in the initial price of a commission. The buyer is responsible for covering shipping costs once they have been calculated.

I WILL do:
- nsfw (15% up charge)
- blood
- meme traces
- any species
- feral SFW
- human
- clothing

I WON'T do:
- gore
- mech
- any depiction of hate speech
- feral NSFW of any kind
- NSFW of minors
- "artist's choice"

General Commissions

Colored Sketch
- Headshot: $35
- Halfbody: $45
- Full Body: $60
Flat Color
- Headshot: $60
- Halfbody: $70
- Full Body $85
Shaded Color
- Headshot: $80
- Halfbody: $95
- Full Body: $120
**Extra characters add 30% per character

Reference Sheets

- Front/Back: $170
- Front/Back +extras (heashot/alt. look, etc): $200
- Comes with short description, name, and color palette


- Digital Headshot Badge: $60
- Physical Headshot Badge (laminated, includes shipping): $70
- Digital Fullbody Badge: $100
- Physical Fullbody Badge (laminated, includes shipping): $120

Telegram Stickers

- $20 per sticker
- Buy 9 get one free
- YCH additions $5 each
- Extra characters, (not YCH) are $6 each
- No shading